Don't ask. You'd be safer off not knowing. I was in a REALLY odd mood when I wrote this. Actually, there IS meaning to this poem, but I'll let you decide what that is. :D


Five times we walked the path,
But the path just grew longer.
Ten times we surged forward,
But forward became backward.

Fifteen times we reassessed our situation,
But it was disturbing when it reassessed us too.
Twenty times we skipped and laughed,
But it is not fun to get laughed at by dirt.

Twenty-five times we ran around crazily,
But crazily then ran around us.
Thirty times we laughed like a fool,
But a fool got offended at the impersonation.

Thirty-five times we thought we were in Wonderland,
But it was no wonder that we wondered in the land.
Forty times we looked about us,
But we did not like the stares we got back.

Forty-five times we climbed the tree,
But it gets old after being thrown out that many times.
Fifty times we sat on the rock,
But the rock complained that we were too heavy.

Fifty-five times we counted to ten,
But fifty-five and ten are too caught up in sibling rivalry.
Sixty times we argued with ourselves,
But we kept loosing.

Sixty-five times we called each other,
But each other was not home.
Seventy times we stared at the moon,
But the blue cheese had gotten moldy.

Seventy-five times we thought we were crazy,
But we could not define ourselves, let alone crazy.
Eighty times we thought we existed,
But it always turned out a lie.

Eighty-five times we voted for ourselves as president,
But only one of was a U.S. citizen.
Ninety times we thought we had won,
Only to forget what we were winning in.

Ninety-five times we stared at the wind,
But the light was too bright.
One hundred times we read this poem,
But it never even made sense when we wrote it.