Enter forest depths.
Deep shadows,
Tones of green, brown, black.
Lean against a tree,
Rough bark grates skin.

Travel forest paths.
Birds sing
Notes of scarlet, sky blue, saffron.
Face the wind,
Soft current ripples hair.

Run in forest solitude.
Life's song,
Coloured emerald, sapphire, amethyst.
Limbs move with ease,
Mossy ground pads feet.

Stand near forest stream.
Trickling water,
Translucent blue, grey, white.
Step into creek,
Cool liquid chills flesh.

Doze in forest shade.
Crickets chirp
Tunes of fuscia, violet, aqua.
Breath the air,
Fresh breeze enters lungs.

Live in forest splendour.
Wolves howl
Soul-lifting opal, onyx, pearl.
Answer the call,
Wonderful songs fill ears.