We stand alone, so it seems
In this cold world of hate.
We do not expect happiness,
Cruelty is what we anticipate.

We erect a shield around us,
To keep away the pain.
But without the close bonds,
How can we stay sane?

Who are our friends?
Can we know for sure?
Will they turn on us?
Or will they remain pure?

What will happen to us,
After we part this world forever?
Will we be remembered,
Or will remembrance sever?

We drink of life's sweet wine
The moment we are born,
But that cool liquid grows bitter
When our innocence is torn.

Soon life becomes
A twisting, turning path.
We do not know where to turn
To escape this world's wrath.

We hide our emotions
Far deep within.
We must sometimes let go,
Truly let our lives begin.