A black-clad bird atop a tree,
Sits staring down at the world.
Its piercing gaze bores into my heart,
Laying my soul out for all to view.

The power of this avian is strong,
To break down my barriers,
Yet it pains me not,
As I look into its saffron eyes.

A dark beak clacks only once,
As though in approval.
I watch, fascinated,
But nothing happens.

A cold wind sweeps over me,
Chilling me to the bone.
Those golden eyes examine me,
Not letting me go.

I feel something rise within me;
A dark secret that I bear.
It comes before my eyes.
I scream in terror.

This vile thing I see,
Is nothing but my own reflection;
A scared and crying girl.
I have no tears left.

The Raven stares eternally,
With a cold, dispassionate gaze.
With a single caw, a raspy voice,
I become the Raven's Cry.