A/N: Very last part. Sad. Butâ€"there is a sequel! (Sort of). Ah, yes, sequel. *Evil laughter* Erm, anyway, enjoy, everyone!

~~~~~~~~~~ Epilogue: Best Friends Forever ~~~~~~~~~~~~

A year and a half had passed, giving Luka only a few more months until his 21st birthday. Normally, he would be ecstatic, but since taking over the throne of the demon court... He had to have a wife that could produce a legitimate heir to the throne if he were to remain validly in power. Luka hung his head, his gold hair falling around his shoulders and face, and nearly knocking the tiara-like hairpiece out of his hair. His hair was longer than it had ever been, falling nearly to his waist, but that was both a blessing and a curse. Sylus loved it, but it sure as hell got in the way.

Luka pouted, gently pushing his hair back behind his ear, looking very unlike the prince of the demons he was supposed to be. When one of his royal guard came rushing into his throne room, the guard blinked at Luka a couple of times before being able to speak. “My Lord, his royal highness Laural of the elves has just arrived, and he wishes to have word with you. He wishes to meet you alone, and ‘surpass formalities’. Is this a reasonable request, my lord?â€