~*Valentine's at Quincy's*~

It's a cool, sweet night

To watch ladies dancing in dresses tight

Couples dancing slow across the floor

Hands caress and eyes adore.

Blue piano plays soft and low

Lovebirds with their eyes aglow,

But what about those singles at the bar

Getting too drunk to get in a car.

Another whiskey for the lady in red

Be careful lest it goes to her head

But then again she's all alone

Who cares if Laura doesn't come home?

Bartender listens to the Mack in black

Counts the beers he's knocking back

He tells of love not too long ago

But now she's gone and so's the dough.

Sally sits with glass in hand

Listens to the jazzy band

Longing to be asked to dance

But couples spare her not a glance.

Ah, Valentine's was made for love

Roses red and stars above

Waltzing loves without a care

Wish it was me dancing there.