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{Indicates telepathy}

A tale of two sisters Chapter One

"There once were two girls,

Both with golden curls

And eyes as blue as the sea

And one, she was good

Very very good

But the other, beyond bad

She was evil."

Madison County Hospital

June 14, 1996 12:10 AM

          Marilyn Streekson groaned in agony as another contraction hit. She had been sitting in delivery for well over a day and a half now, and it wasn't getting any easier. Her husband, Reagan, gently blotted her forehead and winced in sympathy. The doctor came in, looking worried. "Mrs. Streekson, it has come to our attention that you did not have an ultrasound performed during your pregnancy. Why not?"

          "Mah husband an I was leavin it up tah God tah decide what our baby would be. We had no right tah look until God chose us too."

          "That is perfectly understandable Mrs. Streekson, I am simply concerned that with the time that has passed, and the amount of strain you've been under, if the baby is healthy. At this point, we usually start contemplating a c-section, but we need to see what's going on in there. May I perform an ultrasound now?"

          Marilyn clutched Reagan's hand in fear and pain, asking him with her eyes if he thought it was right. Reagan nodded to the doctor, and the equipment was brought in. The muscles on Marilyn's abdomen rippled and convulsed as the doctor tried to get a decent view. It almost seemed as if the child was trying to come out through her stomach rather than the birth canal. It was slightly disturbing to say the least.

          With some deft maneuvering, the doctor got a picture, and gasped. "There's one problem…" He trailed off into silence. The screen showed not one child, but two. The children were snuggled together, face-to-face and neither had shifted for birth.  The doctor sighed grimly and turned to the parents. "Neither of the children has turned…I am afraid the only answer is c–section now. I am sorry."

          Marilyn whimpered in fear and pain while Reagan whispered to her. Then the nightmare began.  Doctors came in and shooed Reagan out of the room, strange machines were hooked up to Marilyn, and more strangers, with shiny metal instruments walked in. Marilyn started to whimper. The alien seeming men in scrubs leaned down and fitted a mask over her face. She gasped, and then the drugs took effect.

          The doctor stared at his watch, timing the anesthesia. When Mrs. Streekson had been unconscious for a full five minutes, he gestured to the surgeon to begin cutting. Keeping one eye on the screen, careful of the babes, the surgeon began the first cut.

*   *   *   *

          {Do you feel that sister? Someone comes…}

          {Yes, pain}

          {What has happened to our mother?}


*   *   *   *

          The surgeon lifted his bloodied instruments almost reverently, and placed them aside. Gently, he lifted out the first baby, a girl, and handed her to the waiting nurse to severe the umbilical cord. He turned back to retrieve the other…and noticed the extreme amount of blood starting to fill the womb cavity. Swiftly, he fished out the second, gore covered child and handed her to another nurse and turned his attentions to the mother.

The second child started to turn blue, and the nurse swiftly cut the umbilical cord and unwound it from the infant's throat. It gasped, then gave a sense-shattering wail, like a lost soul new raised from the dead. The nurse quickly bathed and wrapped the child then crossed herself as she placed her next to her sister in the crib.

Back at the table, the surgeon was working frantically to stem the blood flow. Blood had pooled on the operating table and started dripping onto the floor. The entire room smelled like a charnel butcher shop, and the only noise was that of the surgeon and the doctor, working on Mrs. Streekson.

At twelve thirty AM, her body began to convulse, flapping in the pools of blood, spattering the nurses trying to restrain her.

At twelve thirty one, she stilled, blood still pooling from her now dead body.

The surgeon and doctor looked at each other, horror in their eyes. They looked around, and the entire scene was that of some horror film. Blood was splattered as far as the walls and ceiling, no one had escaped the spread. Even the children, wailing in their crib in their little pink blankets, were dotted with the crimson lifeblood of their mother.

*   *   *   *

          {What has happened sister?}

          {I do not know…Mother is gone, I cannot feel her}

          {Why did she leave us?}

          {She had no choice. THEY took her.}

          {Will they take us?}

          {No sister, we will always be together}



          {And what of Mother?}

          {They will pay for taking her}

*   *   *   *

          Reagan stared stonily at the walls of the hospital. They had butchered his wife. He knew they had! He glanced down at her legacy to him, two squirming daughters wrapped in blood-speckled blankets. They would need names; they names that he and Marilyn had picked were not appropriate for the circumstances of their birth…they would be Pena and Perdita, his twin angels of sorrow and loss. And no one would take them from him.

*   *   *   *

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