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{indicates telepathy}

A Tale of Two Sisters

Chapter Two

          {It is so cold in this place sister. Why do we come here?}

          {We come because father brings us}

          {But this is the bad place! This is where we lost mother…}

          {I know. Father knows. We must watch and learn…then they will pay.}

*   *   *   *

          Reagan shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot as he waited for the nurse to complete the babies' two-week check up. This place was horrifying to him…yet he could bring the children nowhere else. The health insurance did not cover anything but the local hospital. Hugging his elbows to himself he glared as Marilyn's doctor walked into the room to observe the babies.

          "They are growing into beautiful children Mr. Streekson. You should be proud."

          "They look like their mother."

          "…well, umm…yes…"

          "Whom you killed"

          The doctor sighed and asked god for patience "We did not kill your wife Mr. Streekson! She was what we call a natural bleeder! She could not form blood clots! It is genetic!"

          Reagan flexed his fists and glared at the doctor "Marilyn was healthy! She was fine until you two got a hold of her! YOU KILLED HER!"

          "Perhaps you should wait outside Mr. Streekson." Two orderlies came forward to escort him.

          "Don't you dare harm my girls doctor, or I swear you'll not live to see another day!!!" Reagan called as he was escorted out.

*   *   *   *

          {Why has father left?}

          {THEY took him too}

          {Will he come back?}

          {I don't know…but look! He took our mother…}

          {I'm scared}

          {Me too}



*   *   *   *

          Doctor Marl took a deep breath as Mr. Streekson was escorted away. That man was starting to be scary, and not just about the wife dying issue. He was absolutely paranoid about his two little girls…speaking of which…they were sitting on the table, quite as you please. "And how are you two doing today?" He asked them with a grin. He glanced through the records…they were do for their baby boosters…he leaned down and picked up one of them…

*   *   *   *

          A piercing shriek rent the air {SISTER!!! HE"S GOT ME!!!!}

          {Relax...Hold on…}

          Doctor Marl inserted a small needle {He's hurting me sister! Help me!!!}

          {I can't while he's holding you…calm down, don't worry…}

          He placed the baby back on the table and wrapped it snugly in a blanket "hush now, it was only a small prick…" Then he turned to pick up the sister. He stopped a moment, the child was staring right at him…it was a bit disconcerting…it was as if she was angry with him…but that was nonsense. He bent down to look her right in the eye "Your just a kid right? You can't be glaring at me like you want to kill me…right?" She still stared at him, silent, unmoving…Doctor Marl started to sweat and shake a little. Her eyes stared balefully into his, and for just a moment, he felt that she was the one in control…he bent until they were almost nose to nose "get a grip doctor, she's only a kid…" Then she smiled, a tight little smile of satisfaction…and kicked him square in the face.

          Doctor Marl reared back in surprise, his reflexes taking over…he stumbled back from the table, and hands flailing he saw the child grinning at him and for an instant knew that she had planned that! Still reeling, he felt blood trickle from his cheek; the damn bell on her shoe had snagged him. Then he felt his heel give out under him, his spine went rigid and he fell backwards. He felt his head impact with the steel top counter and he saw stars, it only slowed his fall. Soon he struck the tiled floor with a sickening crunch. His last thought was "Did she plan on this too?"

*   *   *   *

          {You can stop crying now sister, he won't hurt you again}

          {Are you sure?}

          {Yes, he's gone now}

*   *   *   *

          Reagan was running through the hospital, it had been an hour and he still had not been told he could retrieve his daughters. He had worried himself sick about them…turning a corner he halted in surprise, there was a gurney blocking the door to the room where they had been. "What is going on here? Where are my daughters?" He called.

          "Are you the father of these two lovelies?" A nurse called, holding out the children.

          "Yes, I am. Thank you. What happened?"

          "Doctor Marl fell it seemed. He landed bad, broke his neck. We just found him a few minutes ago because your daughters were screaming. It must have happened almost an hour ago…he was dead when we got here…poor man."

          Reagan took his children from the nurse, barely repressing a smile "Yes, poor man." He took his children and left, not noticing the slight bit of blood on one of their shoes…

*   *   *   *

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