Author's Note: I wrote this as part of my English exam last December.  Enjoy =)



            Close your eyes and imagine an island far out at sea.  The beaches are endless strips of golden, sun kissed sands that shimmer in the warm daylight.  The sea has a playful twinkle as it catches the sun's rays and the gentle waves lap lazily at the shore, enticing you in to the crystal clear waters for a cleansing bathe.

The beaches are framed by row upon row of palm trees that sway with a quiet swish in the cooling wind.  Within the forest of palm trees, the air is stifling yet clean of the smog and grime of the city and full of the natural aroma of plant and wildlife.  The forest floor is littered with frail flowers of all the colours ever imagined and their scent has the power to send you into a daydream where reality and fantasy are no longer distinguishable from one another. 

However one must stick to the path through the forest if one does not wish to lose themselves to this heavenly paradise for an eternity, no matter how tempted they may be.

Inland there are quaint little villages of wooden huts that seem to come from an age long forgotten amidst a bustling city and is full of people whom have not developed a gruff attitude due to the stresses and strains of the commuters' world.  These people welcome you into their bustling yet tranquil community with a friendly smile and a contagious laugh.  For once in your life, the beauty and peacefulness of this dream-like place bring back long-forgotten memories of a carefree childhood.

You find yourself at a hotel where the windows open out onto a breath-taking view of the tops of the palm trees that tickle the soft blue sky.  You find yourself awake long before dawn just so you can watch the spellbinding sunrises that ignite the early morning sky with a fiery passion and an electrifying energy for the long day to begin.  You find yourself, if only for a moment, gazing upon Creation as only the deities have seen it.

Evening comes with only the softest whisper of life back at home but it is soon drowned out by the sensational party that has taken over the entire tropical island.  You dance the night away in a state of blissful hyperactivity and come back to yourself for just a moment to see the glorious crimson orb in the sky huddle down under the horizon, drawing the pink and orange hues of the sky down with it as the starry abyss engulfs the sky, signalling the nightlife's true awakening.

And after a couple hours sleep, you are ready to indulge yourself again the seductive pleasures this island paradise has to offer.  If your home has a name, than this island is it.  In this place you have discovered a new reality that brings new meaning to the word 'life'.