This was written, obviously, during the summer of 1997, my senior year in high school. A lot of harsh
things happened, mainly kids I knew dying way too early, and I was more depressed than I've probably
ever been at any other time in my life. This is dedicated to Jason, John, Becky, Ryan and Chris- who have
blue skies forever.

Summer '97

it's great when we feel warm and safe,
but the world is full of lies.
Nothing lasts, and talk is cheap,
and everybody dies.
maybe it's not fair to us
to take so much away-
but people lose their bleeding hearts
a thousand times a day.
how could we ever think to lose
that child, with shining eyes?
but Death cares not for their beautiful smiles,
and another young one dies.
It happens every minute, every day,
and another mother cries
because life is hard, and people cruel,
and everybody dies.