A small droplet of liquid emotion
Threatens to weave its way
Down my heated face
And fall to the ground below me.

I struggle against its power
Defying all that it stands for.
I cannot feel sad now
With so much going for me.

Why is it that I feel this way
When I have a job, a love, a life?
I should not be allowed to know
This emotion that overwhelms me.

Is it brought forth from my past
A thread that I cannot escape?
There is no excuse for this
Strange onslaught of helplessness.

A small flame of thought
Tries to burn away the tear,
But it is just not enough
And the tear glistens on my cheek.

I feel so alone, with only a single
Sparkling tear to keep me company.
I have many friends, but the routine
Of life seems to get me down.

I only wanted a normal life
With two parents, not just one,
But I never had more than one
At any given time. It hurts.

Simplicity is often overlooked,
But it is indeed a great gift
When we are lucky enough
To receive it in our lives.

This liquid emotion caresses
Each detail of my quivering skin
As it moves downward
To end its life on the cold floor.