Rain was falling from the ground
Flowers sprouted from the sky
We all loved our eternal enemies
And hated each other by and by
The world was in reverse
Yet nobody seemed to notice
Ganon ruled all
And we princesses were declared outlaws
Evil and bad were suddenly good
And all good things turned bad
A hug was punishment
And beatings were considered family time well spent
Dogs, cats, and horses were eaten
Chickens, cows, and pigs were common pets
Candy was considered a torture
While poison was considered a treat
Music and all joyful sounds and pastimes were outlawed
Silence and boredom were the only things permitted
And still nobody seemed to notice or mind
Deaths were celebrated
And births were met with anguished and angry looks
And nobody noticed
Finally I wake up
It was all a dream
A nightmare
I look outside and scream
Perhaps it was reality...............