/*I always find it best to read a poem out loud. I suggest you do the same. :)*/
/*Remember: this is a conversation.*/

From the Heart

"You so pure and innocent,
I envy you for what you are
Treasure of the world,
Pearl of Eternity
Free from pain and sadness"

"No one is free from pain or sadness
No one, especially not I
The image you see is but a mask
Hiding me from reality
Shielding me from the world"

"I see you and I feel a tender warmth
It fills me and takes me from within
Your beauty captures me completely
I am a willing prisoner of your smile
The smile that captured my heart"

"How naive you are to see me as such
A smile that brightens the dark
When all I show is but an act
A facade to hide who I am
For no one must see beyond my smile"

"You are popular beyond what I imagined
Wherever you go, men whisper your name
Whatever you say, everyone listens
You can do no wrong
Everyone loves you"

"How can you love what you do not know?
Born of lies, your emotions are not real
To love a lie is to love nothing
When no one sees me, no one can love me
For all they love is but an illusion"

"Life comes, life changes, life goes away
But through it all, my love for you remains
Untainted, unbroken, solely for you
For you are the breath of my soul
You are the beat of my heart
Eternity would no sooner end before I stopped loving you
And forever could not strive to age my love
Beyond beauty and beyond words
Everything you are is more than I can say
With you, everything is beautiful
Even in my depths of darkness
You bring me light
You bring me warmth
The mere sight of you gives me reason to live
You bring me joy I can not explain
Because I love you"

"How can you speak the words you speak?
You know not what you say
For you do not know me
No one does, and no one ever will
You who have loved me for so long
Though I never did look your way
You gave everything - your heart, your life
I cry for you...
For you gave them not to me
You love not me
You love a dream
Open your eyes and see the truth
I am not the one you love
Behind the laughter, behind the smiles
Exists an ocean of sadness and tears
The beauty and happiness you love so dear
Belong to a fantasy worlds away
And I am here, so unlike your dream
I am me
And I am not the one you love"

/*to be continued...*/