so much more

My dreams were centered around your world
Everything revolved around your love
Dreams may come, and dreams may go
Yet theres always one thing I'll always know

You'll aways be here when I call out your name
You'll always be near when I am to blame
And when times get harder than they'll ever be
I hope upon stars you'll be here with me

And dreams lay shattered upon the floor
Love lies dormant though i wish for more
Life may seem such a trivial thing
But I'll always know I'll carry it with me

Love may seem like a little thing
Dreams may fall, and Angels wings
Tears may drop without a care
Just remember who your leaving here

Your leaving behind the memories made
Your path is close, your bricks are layed
And I wish you the best farewell
Cuz I know how I can tell

You'll aways be with me wherever I go
I know this because theres something you'll never know
A piece of my heart lays in your hands
Guard it well as you travel these lands
Take my hope and fuel it to thine
Look towards the stars and remember my sign

Love my love and care for thee
You'll carry me with you and I'll carry you with me
My tears may fall to the earth
the land of my death, land of my birth.
Though there's nothing I couldn't do
It seems I can't fall, and be with you.

Love is something I'll have to wait for
'cuz you're still alive and so much more