But Here I Am

By ‘The Spooky One’ CJSpooks

I hate the whole concept of gym

But here I am in my gym clothes

I don’t like doing homework

But here I am sitting doing homework

1 I don’t like to find out new things without a reason

But here I am finding out new things

I don’t want to find out how it feels to be sick

But here I am with a stuffy nose

I don’t want to be a couch potato

But here I am watching the X-Files in the dark

I don’t like to type things on the computer

But here I am typing this on the computer

I don’t like to read things in front of the class

But here I am reading this to you

1.1 In the Darkness

By ‘The Spooky One’ CJSpooks

2 In the Darkness

I am flying

Flying in the night

In the Darkness

I am swimming

Swimming in the sea

In the Darkness

I am screaming

Screaming into a no name crowd

In the Darkness

I am terrified

Terrified because there is a shadow looming above me

In the Darkness

I am falling

Falling into a bottomless canyon

In the Darkness

I awake

Awake from a nightmare