~*La Pensée De La Mort*~

Tonight my thoughts were filled with suicide
Would anyone mourn me if I died?
How would I go, by pills or knife
How would I go about taking my life?

My will I was about to write
My conscience put up quite a fight,
Would I go with coils of rope
Leaving a world devoid of hope?

Samurai-style, a knife to plunge
Or from the highest building lunge
Or sleeping pills or razor blade
(Oh, what a mess that would have made!)

But then I thought again and said
'Twas by God our lives were made
And when you have this precious gift
Would you, instead, to darkness drift?

I had to do it, tears I wept
My dreadful secret still I kept
Just when I'd convinced myself it wasn't a joke
From dreams of fear and loathing I awoke.

Today's a new day, and as I write,
I realised something, startling quite,
That I would never myself kill
'Twas never our Holy Creator's will,
Why not instead live for to-day
Life's journey's too brief to shorten the way.