Title: My Life Story.

Chapter 1: The Early Years.

Authors Note: I own every character in the story! Muuaahahahahah! Ok. Maybe just one or two. But I wish I did. Because then I could do anything I want to them. Ha. I know, I’m evil. =) On to the story! *Points her finger in the air. *

Summary: A story about a girl named Amy. Her life story basically.

My name is Amy Jasmine Miller. I was born the day after Christmas. In the year: 1986. It’s not very fun. Outside is cold. Maybe even snowing. I only get about 2 presents on my birthday. I never have birthday parties because we knew that nobody would come. It was the day after Christmas! Who would come?!

Anyway. My mother was born on August 5th, 1949. That means she is 52 years old as of right now. That is old. In my opinion. She was from Southeast Asia. My father was American. You could say that my parents first date was their wedding day. My father went to her country to marry her. They were sending letters back and forth. In 1984 they got married. They went to live in the United States.

This story is under construction. Please be patient with me on this.