A Child's Message

They say that I am "gifted,"

Don't tell me what I am,

They say that my opinions aren't valid, that I am just a kid.

Don't disrespect me as your parents once did.

They say that I dress funny with all the piercings in my ears, but

Don't forget that in your time your parents said the same.

I do not only argue, I only wish to live,

Nurture me with love and respect and watch me blossom on my own.

I do not only wish for things,

I beg for your love and respect,

I do not seek your approval,

I rather beg for the freedom to make my own mistakes.

I am not "simply just a child,"

Rather I am an informed opinionated young adult,

In the name of all you cherish, in all that you hold dear;

Teach me how to love, to care, teach me to be free, and teach me all the qualities

To guide me to be me

So that I can distinguish right from wrong, and fly on my wings alone;

Correct me when you feel you must,

Help me with my weaknesses,

So that I will grow strong.