Almost Successful

Stay awhile I just want to hold you a little longer,

Seemingly harmless words,

Actually manipulative.

He knows what to say to get what he wants.

An unwelcome hand being pushed away,

a fake apology to make me stay,

At times like this I can only say how stupid am I to have gone this way?

I make a bad decision, and gave my trust too willingly.

Looking for the good,

Finding the bad.

I can't tell ANYONE my parents would be mad.

How stupid can a girl be?

Pretty stupid,

as stupid as me.

A 4.0 doesn't mean you're that smart,

look at your judgment and relationships for a start.

I don't want that kind of reputation for something I didn't even do,

I wish I'd never met him.

A foolish child.

I thought I was smart,

I'm not ignorant I have always thought.

Being to trusting almost cost me a lot,

But I guess guardian angels don't have to be perfect,

Sometimes, they appear as three troubled girls, who were at the right place,

at the right time.

I think someone is watching out for me.