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"Y'know, everyone wants to be your best-friend again," Rian said with a smirk as she applied a fresh coat of strawberry lip balm on her lips.

Michelle rolled her eyes. "Really? What's the reason this time?"

Rian got up from Michelle's bed then to close the door. "As if you didn't know," she teased. "Guy. Isn't he always the reason why?"

Michelle shook her head slightly, annoyed at the shallowness of October High's students. Rian returned to the bed, lying down next to her best-friend as they continued their "girl talk."

"I'm so tired of this town," Michelle muttered. "Why is it so small?"

"Because it really is a small town," Rian answered. Suddenly, she excitedly jumped up from her position on the bed. "Does that mean you're thinking about what I think you're thinking about?"

Even though Michelle was also getting a little excited thinking about it, she calmly answered Rian. "Well, I guess so."

Rian, knowing Michelle so well, shook her head profusely. "You lie! You're finally going to ask him, aren't ya?"

Michelle, no longer being able to contain her excitement, nodded. "Yeah, I am. Bad idea? Good idea?"

"If it was a bad idea, I would have told you," Rian said. She paused before continuing. "So, when are you going to ask him?"

Michelle was silent for a moment to add to the dramatic effect. And also to annoy Rian. "Tonight, after our date."

Rian nodded happily. "The sooner the better."

* * * *

"That was great, you two!" Larry exclaimed to both Guy and Marie after they had finished shooting their scene.

"Thanks," he said, glad that they were finally done for the day. He worked extra hard that day so that they could end early. Ending early meant being able to leave early. Leaving early meant that he could see Michelle soon.

"Today went along pretty smoothly," Marie said and the three walked towards the dressing rooms.

Larry nodded happily. "Yep! We're done. You guys are now free to go. Well, except for you, Guy," he said as he glanced at him. "They need you back in London by tomorrow."

Guy automatically stopped walking. "What? You mean we're actually done? Not just done for the day?"

"Yep! The scenes you did today were the only ones you guys had to retake. The test audience didn't really like the accident involving your character, Marie. Something about it being sad."

Larry continued to babble on, but Guy stopped listening. The fact that he production of "Green Fields" was finally over also meant that he had to leave Michelle. Again. He knew that if they wanted to keep their relationship, they really couldn't go on with just phone calls. Guy knew they needed something more.

* * * *

It was 10:30 and they had just come back from Waves. Guy still hadn't said a thing about needing to leave again by early tomorrow morning. He really didn't want to ruin the night with the news. As he and Michelle sat on the porch under the moonlight, Guy wondered if it was the right time to tell her. He was just about to speak when Michelle spoke first.

"Hey Guy?" Michelle said as she lifted her head from his shoulder to looked up at him.

Guy kept his arm around her as he looked down at her. "Yeah?"

"Do you remember the night of Rian's party?"

Guy winced, thinking about how close she and Shane were then. He cleared his throat before answering, hoping she hadn't seen him wincing at the mention of that night. "A little, yeah. Why?"

Michelle pushed a lock of her hair behind her ear before continuing. Guy knew that whenever she got nervous, Michelle would push a lock of hair behind her ear the exact way she just did.

"Well, do you remember that time when we were dancing?"

Guy nodded, pleased with the thought. "Of course."

Michelle pushed another lock of her behind her ear. "Well. I was just about to ask you something.. before." she trailed on.

Guy finished the sentence for her. "Before Shane interrupted."

Michelle nodded. "Right. Anyway, I wanted to ask how you would feel if I went to went to college in California," she said, her eyes downcast.

Guy lowered his head so that she would look at him. When she did, Guy smiled. "You don't know how happy I would be if you lived in California."

A smile slowly spread on Michelle face before she pulled him into a hug. "Are you sure? Because I did get an acceptance letter already. Once I'm there, you'll have a hard time getting rid of me."

"Get rid of you? Never!" he said with a laugh. "So, tell me the truth. Am I part of the reason why you're moving all the way to California?"

"You are 12.354 percent of the reason why I'm moving there," she said jokingly. "No, but really. what you said about my dad's cooking long time ago-"

"How he should expand his business?" he asked, interrupting her.

Michelle nodded. "Yeah. We thought that it was a good idea. So, I'm going to study business and start a restaurant or something in California."

"Whoa! Not only are you coming to California. but your dad's cooking is coming along with you as well?" he asked excitedly.

Michelle laughed. "Mm-hmm. It's your lucky day, Guy Knight."

Guy suddenly remembered that he still needed to tell Michelle that he had to leave the next day. This time, though, he knew that the two wouldn't be as sad as they were the first time he left. After all, he also knew that he would just as soon be reunited with the woman he loved.

* * * *

It's been two months since Michelle moved from Kay to California and she was still adjusting. She was enjoying college, the number two reason why she decided to move. However, the number one reason why she packed up and left her hometown was always away. Michelle was getting frustrated with the fact that she hardly got to see Guy and if that wasn't hard enough, she also had to read magazine headlines about an alleged romance between her boyfriend and Katherine Stone. She had asked him straight up if there was anything going on between the two co-stars and he denied it. Michelle knew he was telling the truth and believed him, but it was still hard for her read some of the headlines.

It was early Sunday morning when Michelle received an expected call from Guy, who was still busy at work.

"Hey, it's Michelle, ma belle," Guy greeted.

Michelle smiled and cradled the phone lovingly. "Hey, you… planning on ever telling me what 'ma belle' means?"

"My beautiful," he answered.

Michelle's smile got even wider. "Huh. Trying to score points, eh?"

Guy laughed. "Nah. Just calling to remind you about the premiere tonight. Are you ready?"

"Am I ready? The question, dear, should be: Are you ready? It's your movie being premiered tonight. Nervous much?"

"Of course. But you'll be there to calm my nerves, I'm sure," he said.

Michelle was about to ask a question about the movie when Guy interrupted her.

"Alright, the crew's on my back right now. I gotta go or else we'll be miss our appointment. I'll see you tonight," he said in a hurried voice.

"'Kay. Love you."

"Love you, too."


* * * *

Guy nervously jogged up the stairs to Michelle's third floor apartment. With the thought of the upcoming events and the stairs, he was really breaking a sweat. Guy just hoped the work out wasn't ruining the tux he was already wearing. By the time he reached Michelle's apartment, Guy had to take a few seconds to catch his breath. When he was ready, he rang the doorbell.

The door opened a second later, and Guy was in awe at the image before him. There stood Michelle in a form fitting black dress. The gown was simple, her look was not.

"I'm guessing from that look on your face, you approve," Michelle said in a teasing voice.

"Of course, ma belle," he said as he took her hand and kissed it. "You ready for a night of surprises?"

Michelle raised an eyebrow. "Surprises? What do you mean?"

Guy just shrugged. "You'll see."

* * * *

Michelle was having the time of her life. She has never been to a premiere before, so she really didn't know what to expect. Right when she stepped out of the limo with Guy and her father, everything went by in a blur. Her smiling face was hurting from all of the photographs she was taking with Guy at her side and her feet were aching from the shoes she was wearing, but she was having one hell of a night. Michelle even got to meet Katherine Stone, who turned out to be one of the sweetest people she has ever met.

After two hours on the red carpet, they finally got to watch the movie. The room was packed with the actors and their families, the press, and even more people Michelle didn't know. Guy, on the other hand, seemed to know practically everyone present in the room.

As Michelle watched the movie, she was really amazed at how great of an actor Guy was. She really was enjoying the movie, except for the few love scenes between Guy and Katherine. However, whenever the co-stars kissed during the movie, Guy, who was seated next to her, smiled sheepishly, and squeezed her hand.  

At the end of the movie, everyone in the room stood up and applauded. It took a few minutes, but the applauses died down, causing everyone in the room to mill around. Her father stood up, also, getting ready to leave. Michelle did the same, getting into step with her father as they made their way towards the exit.

"Hey, Michelle. Wait a minute," Guy said, taking her hand and leading her back to her seat.

 "What's wrong?" she asked, sitting back down in the front row.

Guy shook his head. "Nothing. Can you just do me this favor and stay seated?"

Michelle shrugged and did as told. She knew something was up, but she was really too tired to ask about it. She watched a smiling Guy and her father disappear into the crowd, leaving her by herself. It could have been her imagination, but when her father kissed her forehead before leaving, his eyes looked a little teary. She shrugged it off, however, and got comfortable in her seat.

With nothing else to do, she sat down in her seat and watched the screen as the credits continued to roll. As the end of the credits came near, she noticed that the room was almost empty, save for a few strangers who were making their way out of the room. Michelle was starting to get a little impatient waiting for Guy and stood up to get ready to leave. However, what she saw on the screen made her sit back down.

After the last of the credits rolled, Guy's face appeared on the giant screen. She could tell it was a recording since he was wearing his normal everyday clothes.

"Hey, Michelle," Guy said with a smile. "You're probably wondering what's going on. But before I get to the surprise, I just wanted to profess my love to you. You don't know how happy you made me when you told me about your decision to live here. I know it's a hard adjustment, from Kay to California, but hopefully, this will make it up to you. Umm… I'll let my other self take over now," he said with a mischievous grin. "Turn around, please."

Michelle did so and found Guy standing a few feet away.

Michelle stood up slowly and met him in the middle of the aisle.

"Fancy meeting you here," she greeted him, using the same words he had at the airport.

Guy smiled. What he did next made Michelle reached out to an arm chair for support. He knelt down and took out an exposed velvet box, a diamond ring strategically place in the middle.

"I know that this is a little sudden, but… will you marry me?" Guy asked softly.

Michelle got up from the arm rest and encircled her arms around him. She kissed him briefly before answering.

"I'd be crazy not to," she said, her arms still around his neck.

"Do you know why?" she asked, not waiting for him to answer. "Because 'Your love is better than ice cream,'" she added, quoting a song by Sarah McLachlan.

Guy grinned. "Is that a yes?"

Michelle nodded. "It's a yes."

And they lived happily ever after…

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