To My Hero

By the Crazy Fool AKA CJSpooks

1 You were my inspiration

My only hope

The one to hold me

A shoulder to cry on

A hand to hold

The one to find me when I was lost

The one to cheer me up when I was down

My life jacket when I was about to drown

In the sea of sorrow

You were the one who I could borrow a smile from

You quiet my fears

You help me when I’m confused

The one I turned to for support

The one who opened the door to my imagination

The one to talk to and to share a laugh

When I call for you to rescue me you come running

You are my companion through the journey of life

You are my best friend and role model

The one I look up to

You give me a feeling of warmth

You are my guardian angel

Who watches over me

Around you I feel safe and protected

I save a special place in my heart for you

I hope you save a special place in your heart for me too.

What I was really trying to say is

Thank you