By the absolute crazy fool AKA CJSpooks

1 I lost myself

In this box again

The walls are getting smaller

I can’t breathe

The air is thin

With hatred

I’m scared

No, I’m terrified

I’m sleepy

Can’t close my eyes

No surprise

A concussion

On my mind

In my time

I’m falling

Into darkness

I see a bright light

I can’t move

They’re coming

To get me

See you soon

I’m brushed away by a broom

I’m a loner

I’m a rebel

My eyes are closed

I chose this for myself

I’m melting into starlight

In a white waiting room

I’m disconnected from the world

I’m not weird

I’m not crazy

I’m paranoid

So maybe I’m insane

They’ll lock me up

Forever and two days

No one is safe

I believe

I tape signs to them on my window

They know I’m crazy

They ridicule me

They always criticize and laugh like hyenas

I’m squashed I’m burning inside

They’re chasing me

I’m running like a fool

I’m tired

I’ve reached the end

The very end

I’m defeated

They win

They always win

I always lose

I hope I’m dreaming

It has to be a nightmare