(It’s Just Another Day)

By the freakiest freak of all AKA CJSpooks

1 I’m lost in my head

I took the wrong path

I’m not supposed to look back

I’m getting pushed forward

I’m dreaming but I can’t wake up

My brain is functioning

But I can’t quite find the words

Is that normal?

I write backwards and I speak gibberish

They think I’m crazy

I know I’m spooky

My expression is blank

My vision is clouded

My surroundings are forgotten

My thoughts and ideas are long gone

I’m scared of my own thoughts

I’m lost in my head

Didn’t I just say that?

I’m thinking again

I’m strapped to a chair

In a padded cell

It’s all white

The lights are in my eyes

But I’m in the dark

I’m alone

It’s just another day