Listen to the songs they're singin on the radio:
Listen to the lyrics telling how loves come and go.
There's gotta be a part of you that wonders how they know
exactly what you're feeling.
And this one's wailin her relationship is failin
and that one's singing bout the church bells she hears ringing
and this one feels harrassed by the shadows of the past
preventing her from healing.

And the words evoke a strange feeling deep within you
taking the emotions to heights and depths that are new
and the thoughts they provoke raw and primitive and true
and you gotta wonder how the writer knew.

Listen to the singer's voice you hear she's singin with her soul
Watch the torture in her face for the singing takes it's toll
Feel the gift that she gives for she offers her heart whole
so you too can understand your feelings
Let the tears run down your face feel the benediction there
Fear not, tis no disgrace and we have oceans we can spare
And her voice is getting stronger cause she sees that you share
and between you a common grief is healing

And the voice evokes a strange healing deep within you
easing your emotions with the heights and depths she takes them to
soothing your thoughts guiding them to ways so true
and you gotta wonder how this singer knew.

Hear the harmonies that weave around the melody of song
Hear between the lines, words of the way that she was wrong'd
See the fire in her eyes that tells you you can still be strong
and know, you one day will share that feeling.
As the last notes fade away let the silence claim your world
and gaze you in wonder at the power of this girl
though no great beauty of face you can see her soul's a pearl
that brings to all the Earth a mercy healing.

And the thought evokes a strange feeling deep within you
taking your hope up to heights and depths that are new
provoking a purpose at once comfortable and true
and you gotta tell the world what she can do.