I'm only human
Meaning I can only see so far.
It's not my job,
They tell me,
So see the world from afar.
I'm only here,
They tell me,
To make this world a better place for others.
There's nothing out there for me.
You're supposed to,
They tell me,
Be obident and helpful,
And you'll get a pat on the back.
That's all I'm supposed to expect,
They tell me,
Because the world is only
Supposed to be nice for the rich and famous.
I'm only allowed to,
They tell me,
To live for others, and not for me.
I have to see only what I'm allowed to see.
I'm not allowed to say my mind,
They tell me,
But I'm allowed to work until I die.
I have to be polite,
They tell me,
For I'm to look at, a pretty face.
They tell me
My mind is only a woman's,
And not good enough for my
Thoughts to be voiced.
I am a burden,
They tell me,
And I must do what I am told
So that I am taken care of.
You'll be nothing,
They tell me.
But I am something.
I never listen to them,
And I never will.
They tell me I'm not strong.
They tell me I'm not smart.
They tell me I'm not good.
I'm not pretty,
I'm not kind.
But I tell myself...
Keep hoping and
One day I'll be free
To be...
Whatever I can be.