A/N: I wrote this on August 14, 2000

A/N: I wrote this on August 14, 2000. Late at night. I guess I was kind of frustrated, and a whole bunch of other wordless emotions. I think this is kinda creepy, but I also think it's one of my better poems. And it's metaphorical, too!


Life is a blur.

You spend all your time caught up in it,

And it's a whirlwind,

Tossing you around,

Spitting you ashore,

Like the ocean tides,

Beneath the sun.

Life is a trap.

You spend all your time caged up,

Like a wild animal,

You claw at the bars,

You gnaw until you're numb,

Sitting on display,

For all the world to see.

Life is a hole.

You spend your time halfway up,

Climbing up,

Looking down,

While dirt crumbles beneath your hands,

And gets stuck underneath your fingernails.

Life is a star.

You spend your time gazing into nothingness,

And you shine,

But who for?

You're far away,

Where no one can reach you...