The Highlands of Cacao


Welcome to my story. I must tell you of many things in this prologue, or I could waste the first chapter doing that... I'll go with the prologue.

First of all, I'd like to teach you the way you pronounce Cacao. It's like KAH-kow. Ok that's settled. Now I'd like to tell you that if you don't like dramatic adventures with a twist of comedy, you won't like this story. Next, this story uses creatures from many different things, so you'll most likely be surprised. I also make up some of my own little creatures, so I might be able to put a link to some pictures later. Now I'll actually get to some stuff you might like to hear.

There are many characters in this story, it's all right to get confused. I'll set up a bio for most of them, but some you won't even hear about some of them until you read the story. I'll get you started now with a few and tell you who they are grouped with, also (grouped as boyfriend, girlfriend or close friends). Here we go:

Missaru: Missaru is on the virtuous side. She is the happy-go-lucky, very positive girl in this adventure. Although she may add something stupid to any occasion, she more than makes up for it in her power as a warrior. She wields a large bastard sword, and her aim with a bow is deadly. Her skills are subject to the fact that she is an elf. Missaru is also a highly skilled thief. She will be grouped with a dark character, Clyde.

Clyde: Clyde has been on the dark side for most of his life. He only follows his Dark Queen's, Andaria's, wishes. He is always seen with the Kenshin Bunny, though he doesn't enjoy her company all that much. He wields a very large poison-edged great sword. He is grouped with Missaru and with the Kenshin Bunny.

Kenshin Bunny: She is VERY annoying when you don't need her to be. She is useful, for she is a shape-shifter. This only balances her stupidity and usefulness out. She is grouped only with Clyde because he is the only one that can tolerate her.

Andaria: Andaria is the Dark Queen and a very powerful sorceress. She is not grouped because she ends up having a little bit to do with everyone.

Garnet: The first princess of Cacao. She is a beginner in warrior's skills, so she is not yet very good at melee combat.

Kodansha: She is the winged sorceress of Cephiro, but has just flown in to Cacao. She disappears easily and often, so be prepared to lose track of her. She is extremely skilled and powerful in the art of magic, both black and white. Her grouping is the same case as Andaria's, but she is closely grouped with Fox Lady. They are like sisters.

Fox Lady: She is my personal character. A virtuous sorceress that is in the very same league as Kodansha. They are nearly twins in personality and skill, also in their grouping. They are grouped together.

Lucas: A mysterious moogle that pops up all over the highlands. He only gives information, and then leaves. He is not grouped, except on the side of virtuosity.

Yuma Kozakii or Yuna: A borrowed character from Kodansha. She makes only a few appearances.

Sakuya: One of Andaria's knights that will do anything for his beloved Queen. A chance of him turning to the side of good is like a snowball's chance in Hell.

Sadie: A woman from the town of Karoo that is willing to do anything to leave her small town and have an adventure. She has trained with the local guard since her parents were killed by Andaria. She is grouped with Darien, but you must wait to find out why.

Rheda: Sadie's sister that wishes her all the best on her adventure, but is she going to stay in Karoo while her sister travels all of Cacao? She may be too weak to go anywhere.... She is grouped with her sister and Grey.

Grey: He is the knight of princess Garnet, and he has devoted himself to protecting her wherever she may go. He is grouped with Rheda and Garnet.

Darien: He showed up in Missaru's area of the forest one day, and he has no memory of where he is from. He attached himself to Missaru when he came to this new world and knew no one.

Artemis: He has descended from an ancient race that dwelt high in the mountains of Cacao. This makes him an automatic skill bearer of many kinds. He is grouped with Yuma, although she does not come around often.

Goddesses Five: Five goddesses that bestow there powers upon those that need them for a good deed, even if it is to defeat a foe that is too powerful.

Manticores: They aren't a character, but they do appear, so I thought you should know what they are. They have the body of a lion, wings like a dragon, and six mouths. They enjoy killing.

SO! That, as they say, is that. I think I have told you most everything that you need to know up to now, so let's get on with the story! Oh! One more thing. There are secrets in this story and special appearances by cactaurs. If you know what they are, you're lucky. They are very cute, but very annoying. Just like Kenshin Bunny. I really hope you enjoy this very confusing adventure. On to Chapter One!