It's either writing poetry or staring at the guy who sits next to me in History. I think writing poetry is more circumspect, don't you?

Please do not post this anywhere without my permission and my name. Plagarism is not only illegal, it makes you look really dumb.

by Rb

To think, to feel, to know, to see
To want, to love, to cry, to be --
This is what I am, it seems:
Broken phrases, broken dreams
Spreading into infinity.

I think, I feel, I know, I see
That I am far from being me
I cannot hide behind my fear
I must look deep inside the mirror
Falling into infinity.

I'll want, I'll love, I'll cry, I'll be
Tomorrow I'm a brand new me
Throughout the times I felt so weak
It's been the only thing to seek
Always beyond infinity.