Flash back, Thursday. I gazed at him from across the room. I seem to do this alot, now, ever since I started to like him. My friends say he stares back, but I never look.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah!" they all nod in agreement.

"Well, ok, I'll ask him out." I approach him. He looked up at me with those deep, yellow-green eyes, and I melted. I almost left, but my friends were silently shouting at me (if you get what I mean) to ask him. I did, and he says... yes! I nearly fainted. He and I have a date for tomorrow, Friday, at 8. We're going to go see a movie, and then we are going to take a walk on the beach, and go to the rocky shore to sit on the most amazing gazebo his family owns, and talk.

Flash Forward, Friday, 7:55 PM. He arrived early, and he actually had a nice corsage to give to me.

"We're only going to a movie." I said. Still, he answered, it makes you more radiant, if that's possible. No doubt, he likes me.

After the most boring movie ever (like we watched it), we took a stroll to see the sparkling stars over the dark ocean. The tide seemed low, and it was high tide. There's something wrong, I thought. It's high tide now, and it's lower than low tide is...

We walked into the Gazebo over the dark lava rocks from the ancient volcanos here on the Big Island, Hawaii. The tide was still low. We talked some, but we mainly gazed into eachothers eyes, as corny as that sounds.

Flash Forward, 10:50 PM. My curfew is midnight, and it takes only 30 minutes to get to my house, but we started to head back. Just as he started to exit the gazebo, it dawns on me. I should have known! Why didn't I realize it? I take earth sciences, and we are studying tsunamis right now. Low tide, calm waters, then a sudden surge. Maybe we have time. I looked at the tide. The surges were already coming in, at a tremendous speed. One inch waves cover no waves, One foot waves cover that, and Two feet waves cover that, all in 5 minutes.

"We must head home!" I said to him.

"Why, it's so beautiful. I thought we would walk on the beach some more." He doesn't take my earth sciences class.

He decided to kiss me right then. Of course I did not pull away, and it was the sweetest thing my life has ever lived through.

Finally, he said: "Why do we need to go."

I answered in one word: Tsunami.

He gulped, and looked at the rising tide. It was twice as high as high tide, now, and we only have a few minutes until the waves.

"Let's go!" He shrieked, ready to climb off the rocks to get to the beach.

"No! It's more dangerous there. We must stay here." I told him. "Going towards the beach will engulf us for sure."

We stood there, trembling. I looked up at the waters, and suddenly, a huge rumble met my ears, and a split second later, it appeared. It was 10 feet high and only reached the rocks a bit, not touching the gazebo, but engulfing our only safe exit. "Is that it?" he said.

"No.. there's more."