Note: This poem was written by me. I know it's kinda twisted and
gory or whatever but I guess it's what has been running through my

I beg you to hurt me,
Just a little more,
My intentions are not at ease,
You crush my knees into the floor.

I beg you to set me on fire,
Sometimes any kind of pain feels the same,
Burned and asphixiated to my desire,
Exposing my body to the flame.

I beg you to slit my wrists,
You leave my heart fighting in destruction,
But you're still the only one who knows I exist,
You only cease to your corruption.

I beg you to kill me,
Despite my thanatophobia,
I'm alone and withered can't you fucking see?
You wonder off, inabsentia.

I beg you to crucify me,
Disfiguring words trapped in my head,
Longing for things that will never be,
Sensing things I thought you said.

I beg you...