by: Starfire

Close your eyes upon the star's.
Feel the whisper of your heart.
Wondering about the beats in the night.
Feeling compassion from the skies.
Lonely nights turns to ashes.
Whisper's of wind flow out in waves.
Harmony is achieved, no discord is allowed.

Dreaming of you upon the star's.
Feeling the night wings flutter about.
Silver bells ring and ring for thou.
Time is translucent in my heart.
I feel you beside me in a star less world.

Closing my eyes against my pain.
Feeling the pressure in my head.
Wonder what I am to do.
When I am all alone with you.
Shiny pennies glows in the ground.
Fireflies fly with a twinkle of dust.

Closing my eyes against the star's.
Hear their whispers to my heart.
Just sitting here crying my heart out.
Waiting for you to come back to me.
Sighing and sobbing my soul out.
Just dying to be near you once again.
Perhaps I might one day....I'll just have to wait.