Muses of Silence

By: Starfire

Muse of faith are the ones
Living a life of screams and thoughts
Ideas at every breaking point are the way.
Dros's of time will die today.
Muses will be silent in the days.

Stress of anguish will prevail.
Beliefs of who they are will vanish.
Rose tinted glass has been shattered.
Iinnocents of those who were one.
Befallen the darkness in the skies.
Dros of love will fall in the times.

Muses of faith will be silent into the night
Watching the wells of eternal hell.
Waiting for the chance of forgiveness
Blocks of ice block my way.
Muses disappear with out a trace.

Agony of ideas vanish with out a trace.
Blockage of though has come to pass.
Wonders of nights will be dark.
Times of essence will be dumped.
Muses leave a hidden message.
Watch your times dear one it said.