Shadows of Trinity
By Starfire

Three will chime into the night.
Airs of evil will befall the night.
Wings will be broken in the air.
Angels will fall into hell.
Dark serpants will arise.
Shadows of Trinity will arise.

Heavens stars will blacken into the night.
Hear the evil speak in whispers.
Hear the chilly screams in the air.
Watch the arc angels lose to despair.
Heavens will crumble in the air.
Hell of fire will arise into the air.
Shadow of Trinity will screech in the night.

People screams will be in the air.
Life of circles are the life of death.
Watch the stormy windows of the damned.
Three chimes of trinity in the night.
Thrice the bell into thrice the night.
Shadows of Trinity will prevail.