Tears of Hatred

Wines of seas, moons of Star's.
Pure waters of Avatar will roar into the light.
Nights of endless hearts will come to bloom.
Blossoms of children will flow through the times.
Where distant roars of hatred, fear, lies.
Anger and remorse flows into lover's lives.
Periods of darkness, times without light.
Christening of flowers will turn to the night.
Winds will howl for the dark times.

Tears of hatred will flow into the skies.
Suns will burst into darkness.
Nights will fall into the sea's.
Prophecizes of two lovers will fall into fights.
Children of hearts will perish through the night.
Hatred of words flow through the dark.
Tendor care will vanish like the stars.
Periods of help will not be heard.

Tears of hatred will come to starry nights.
Waves will come crashing like hourglasses.
Death will part into the dark waters.
Tears of hatred will flow on and on.
Tears of remorse will come to pass.

By: Starfire 02-18-00