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Narrator's POV

It's the coldest room in the whole school; the fresh air system was on full power. Adrana sat in the front of the classroom, shivering from the cold. Homeroom was just about to start, so students were filing in, slowly, dreading the school day ahead. Adrana just sat there, pretending to be marking papers, but in reality she was thinking about what was going to happen only about an hour from now.

Adrana's POV

God it's so cold in here.brrr. You'd think that they wouldn't turn on the damned fresh air system in the middle of November, geez.

It was so cold in my classroom that my hands were getting so cold that I could barely write. The kids were coming in bundled in their dark navy blue sweaters and blazers, wrapping their arms around themselves to save what little body heat they could.

"Damn it's fucking cold!" I heard one of the boys say, quickly taking his seat in fear that I had heard his curse. Who cares, I'm in such a bad mood to care what's really going on, with this whole truth or dare thing, my mind's been off since earlier this morning. 'I can't believe that I'm actually going to be going through this...I mean geez, why do I have to embarrass myself in front of not only the class but also Joe.'

'I mean it's not even going to be my actual "sounds", so why should I be so worried about it. Plus if I go through with it I get 40 bucks, which is pretty nice. I really just don't know what to do...I said I'd do it so I should stick with the initial plan.'

"Haha!" Laughs instantly brought me back to reality. I looked to my left to see who had made the large noise and noticed that it was Sasha, the quiet dirty blonde who sits in the front row of my homeroom class and draws constantly. She was talking to one of the students from another classroom, Jamie I think her name was if I remember correctly. She had this curly auburn hair that all the teachers recognized her for; she was quiet but smart.

I looked at the clock and realized that it was 7:58 almost time for the start of homeroom, so I decided to break up Sasha's and Jamie's little chat.

"Jamie, you have to go back to your homeroom now." I said, stacking the marked test papers in one of my bins.

"Oh.ok. I'll see yah later Sasha" She said and quickly dashed out of the room.

What seemed only like a second afterwards the bell rung and we all stood up like we always do to say prayers and to say the 'Pledge Of Allegiance'. Then we sat down and watched the morning announcements.

My attention wasn't even remotely focused on what the school president was saying; they were directed toward my dare.

'On one hand I could do it and just get it over with, I mean the whole thing would take only what...5 seconds and I'd get 40 bucks out of it, easy money. And on a teachers salary the easier the money, the better. But on the other hand I would be forever humiliated in front of students who would label me as the teacher with the "problems". I don't know if I can really stand that type of humiliation.'

The loud sound of someone clearing their throat disrupted my train of thought. I looked and realized that it was Sasha who looked as though she had had her hand raised for a while.

"Yes Sasha?"

"Can I go to my locker?"

"No, you know you can't during homeroom."

"But I need to get a book out of it, it'll just take a second."

"No you can't I'm sorry."

"But...but I need to get my homework!"

"No you should have done your homework at home."

"I did, I only have one more sentence to go."


Come on it'll only take a few minut-"


"But I only need one"


"Just one th-"


"Please.... just"



"NO!!" With that she sit down in her chair and crossed her arms, pouting as she did so. I think the other kids enjoyed this spectacle seeing that they were giggling to each other.

My head was pounding; it was then that I heard her whining.


"Just go the hell ahead!!" I yelled, surprising myself and the rest of the class.

"Ok." She smiled and skipped out the door. I slumped back in my chair, exhausted already and it was only homeroom. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Sasha had returned, and was now searching through who large book bag. I took a sip of my now cold coffee when I heard her say.

"I knew I left my homework in my book bag." She smiled and plopped a folder on her desk.

All I could do was let out a large sigh and moved forward, banging my head on my desk. I just laid there my head pounding against the hard cold surface. Sometime passed, I didn't really know how long, when I heard someone else clear their throat. I slowly picked my head up from the desk, my mouth was open slightly, and I didn't even feel like closing it. I felt something on my head, but I couldn't really tell what it was until I sat up completely. I realized that there was a paper attached to my head; it was hanging over my eyes almost like a baseball cap. When I turned towards the student with they're hand raised, the paper dropped slightly until it was completely blocking my vision, then it slowly drifted down to the ground.

"Wha" I asked, in a complete daze.

"Well I was just thinking-"

Before she could finish asking her question the bell for first period rang.

Finally, I could be free for the period, but I still had the dare to worry about. Oh shit I almost forgot; I have to get the absentee papers, before Mr. Sak hands them out.

I got up from the chair and dialed to Kat's classroom.

"Hello, Kat's room."

"Kat it's me Adrana, I just remembered that I have to go down to the office to get the absentee papers."

"Heh.duh, you were of supposed to have asked to take them before homeroom."

"I know, I know. I just forgot, so anyways meet me in front of the gym.... for the you know."

"Like of course I know...I've been waiting for this all morning, I said truth or dare was my fav game."

"Ok.... we'll I'll see yah down there in a minute then."

"Alright I'll be waiting for yah."


"Buh bye."


Kat's POV

I hung up the phone after my quick little talk with her. 'Hehe...the silly billy forgot to get the absentee papers.'

I got up and moved towards the window as I saw Mr. Grass walking towards a tree off of the school campus.

'Hehe...he has a funny walk. Ooo a squirrel, I like squirrels they're so cute and fuzzy. Just like those fuzzy pink slippers I wore this morning. Boy I'm so tired, waking up and coming to school way before we're supposed to come is tough. Especially when you're playing a fun game of truth or dare, oh boy oh boy, I can't wait to run around in that Tinkerbell outfit...hehe. And then press the button for Adrana to fart.hehe. Oh yeah I have to meet her at the office, oh boy I better get going, she's probably waiting for me.'

I skipped out of my classroom and down the hall, passing by language classes already in session. It was then that I saw one of my students, Dick coming down the hallway.

"Hello, Ms. Alum, your looking.... happy today.

"Hello, Mr. Fitswel, you're looking rather glad yourself.

"Oh you bet I am." Dick said under his breath, looking Kat up and down.

"What was that?"

"Oh.oh nothing...I got to be going now, I'll see yah in class soon."

"Yeah, bye Dick.... oh...Mr. Fitswel." I corrected myself, and went once again merrily on my way. 'What a nice boy.'

I reached the entrance to the gym and sat down on the little ledge between the two doors.

Only about a minute later Adrana came out of the office, with a big stack of papers, which I assumed, were the absentee papers.

"Hiye!" I said jumping off the ledge and skipping up to her.


"So are going to Willy's room to get the stuff now?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Better now than never." With that I took her by the arm, and we went down the other end of the hallway towards Willy's room.

When we got there we saw that the door was open, so we just stood there waiting for him to finish up whatever he was doing.

"Say it with me now! One...Two...Three...GIRL POWER!!"

It was pretty funny; he had his hand raised in the air and everything. But nobody had done it with him. I couldn't help it, but I found myself giggling loudly at this.

"Hello Kat. Adrana."

"Hiye" I said, smiling. Adrana quickly walked over to Willy and whispered something in his ear. I just stood in front of the room, waving at the kids in the class.

"Ahh yes, the things, the things that you need for the game, the game that we're playing...the things for that?"

"Uh...yeah." Adrana said with a confused look on her face.

"Oh...ok then." With that Willy walked over to a closet on the far wall of the classroom, Adrana and I followed so I could get my pretty little dress and Adrana could get her little fart machine...hehe.

"Here yah go." Willy said taking a small piece of green fabric with glitter on it and holding it high enough for the whole classroom to see. All of the kids started laughing hysterically, Adrana just put her head down, her face turning redder by the minute.

"Hey Willy is that your Christmas dance dress?" A voice came from the front of the classroom. We turned to look and saw Mr. Grass; he had his head peeking in the doorway.

"Yes it is actually, you always said that green is my most flattering color." Willy said, the students immediately sounded out there "oo" and even one boy had made the "He got brodied!" comment.

Mr. Grass just left the room in a huff, and continued down the hall.

"Anyways, here you go...the other thingy is in the pocket." Willy said winking and handing me a plastic Wal-Mart bag containing the rolled up ball of green that was the fairy dress.

"Ok...we'll be going now." Adrana said grabbing me and pushing me out of the room.

"Byes" I said from outside the door.

"Geez you don't have to be so pushy." I said, fixing my shirt that she had rumpled up.

"Sorry, I just really want to get this over with as soon as possible."

We headed into the nearby bathroom so I could change into my outfit.


Narrator POV

When Kat entered the bathroom she quickly ran into the handicapped stall and locked the door to change while Adrana waited for her near the sinks. As Kat changed she began to hum a meaningless little tune she saw last night on 'Invader Zim', Adrana pulled out the cheap Spencer's fart machine.

Adrana looked at the small little toy, turning it through her fingers. She was curious as to what button did what, since there were so many different buttons to choose from. Finally she decided to press the smallest of all the buttons, unexpected of what sound was going to come out.

The sound of a loud fart came booming out of the small device, echoing off of the bathroom walls. Afterwards silence immediately followed, even Kat's incessant humming had stopped. The silence seemed to last forever before the soft giggling arose from the occupied stall, becoming louder by the second.

"Adrana, was that you?" Kat asked, in hysterics.

"Boy, you really are a simple minded creature aren't you?" Adrana answered obviously annoyed at Kat's obliviousness.

"Ohhh your such a silly ducky." Kat squealed, zipping up her outfit, unlocking the stall door and walking out of the stall dressed in a gothic/ghetto Tinkerbell outfit.

The dress itself was strapless in went down to the center of her thighs. It was made of all different shades of green material; striped polka dots, flowers, almost anything remotely green were attached to it. Black stitches attached these many pieces of fabric, some sewn on so crooked that half of the material was hanging off.

The wand was made of a simple clear plastic that must have broken from previous use, because it was now taped up. The star on the top was made of a silver, glitter fabric; parts of it were ripped off and replaced with duck tape.

"Well...uhh...all I can say's nice." Adrana muttered, in shock at this green mess supposedly called a dress.

"Really!! You think so?" Kat asked, twirling around for Adrana. "Do you think this makes my butt look big?" She continued pointing her butt in Adrana's direction.

"" Adrana paused, trying to think of the right words to say. "..looks great." She continued, smiling politely.

"OK, that's good see the only thing I really don't like about it is that the color clashes with my hair. I don't know.what do you think?" Kat asked, picking up clumps of hair from her shoulders and looking at them.

"It looks fine." Adrana answered.

"Here you better hold on to these, wouldn't want to lose them huh?" Kat said, handing Adrana the Wal-Mart bag that was now filled with her clothes. "OK then, let's get this party started." Kat squeaked, pushing open the door for them to leave.


The two quickly ran down the stairwell, Adrana carrying the absentee forms with the fart machine in her pocket and Kat dressed up in her Tinkerbell outfit, wand in hand. They ran quickly so the other faculty members wouldn't see Kat.

They went down the hallway toward the teacher's lounge to retrieve the camera. Luckily nobody was inside the lounge, so getting the camera wouldn't be to hard. Kat ran inside while Kat kept watch outside in the hall. Kat lifted up one of the couch cushions, and plucked the camera out from it's hiding place.

She quietly opened the door and tiptoed out, keeping the handle of the door turned so that it wouldn't make much noise. They stood next to the lockers along Joe's classroom, planning out they're approach with the dare.

'God I really, really don't want to do this, it's too embarrassing. I mean I just can't do this, it's pointless, so I'll get a couple of bucks if I do it, or I'll lose some if I don't, big deal. I'm not going to completely humiliate myself all for a dumb juvenile game.' Adrana thought to herself, turning her attention to Kat's antics.

Kat, still made up in her Tinkerbell outfit, was pretending to fly around the halls.

Suddenly almost out of nowhere Adrana threw down the fart machine, shouting, "THAT'S IT, SCREW THIS!" She then began walking over to the stairwell as Kat stood staring in shock.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Kat asked curiously, running to catch up to Adrana.

"I don't want to do this, it's stupid, I don't want any part of it" Adrana said in distress.

"No! You have to do this with me wha...what about the money?" Kat pleaded.

"I don't care that much about money to do this, it's not worth it to me."

"But...but, you said that you would do it.... you have to!" Kat whined jumping up and down.

"Well I changed my mind."

"But what about my dare, you have to take my picture...are you still going to?" Kat asked, giving Adrana puppy dog eyes.

Adrana remained quiet for a second, contemplating what she was going to decide to do.

"Well...fine, I guess...I'll help you out." Adrana finally gave in.

"YAY! Thanks Adrana!" Kat said hugging her tightly.


Narrator's POV

By now first period classes were well underway. Mike Frost, the 11th grade history teacher, was having another lecture about the "Molly Maguires" and talking to his students about their recent test.

This was Mike's first year at the school, and he was recommended to teach there by Darren. Mike had been a friend of Darren's for many years; they both went to the same high school and same college. They still often hung out even though Mike's classroom was located on the second floor of the building.

Mike was having a discussion with Jamie on about her test while the rest of the students read the next chapter of the "Molly Maguires". He pulled over a desk to where Jamie was sitting to talk to her more directly.

"Mr. Frost, how come I got points taken off of this essay?" Jaime asked pointing to the essay on her paper.

"You said in your essay that all AOH members were Molly Maguires, but that's not true, all Molly Maguires were AOH members, they were two different organizations."

"Oh, I always get that confused, damn- whoops." Jamie said, correcting herself.

"It's ok, no prob-"

Suddenly Mike felt a small whack on the back of his head and was nearly blinded by a bright flash from the doorway. All of the students were laughing hysterically while Mike tried to get up, nearly knocking the desk over to get to his desk. The sound of the door closing made Mike jump back which caused him to run into the computer chair, being that it was small the chair tipped over and Mike went with it. Mike tried to grab onto something to keep him up but all he grabbed was one of his desk drawers, which opened and spilled all of the contents all over the floor.

Mike finally could see again and saw the mess on the floor. The entire class was in such hysterics that they almost didn't hear the beeping for an announcement.

"Please excuse this interruption. Will the person who was last using the digital yearbook camera, please return it to the main office immediately. Thank You."

Mike still sat in a heap on the floor. "Well now, what the fu-."


Meanwhile down the hall in room 201 Mr. Shmeckel was asking answers for the previous day's homework.

"Foo, what number are we on?" Mr. Shmeckel asked in a deep raspy voice.


"Was that a question, or an answer?"

"A answer" Foo responded sarcastically.

"What was that?" Mr. Shmeckel got up from his seat and made his way to Foo's side of the room.


"How would you like to tell the same thing to my broom for detention?" Mr. Shmeckel growled. The class began to laugh but died down quickly all except for one obtrusive laugh from the other side of the room.

"Something funny over there Gary?" Mr. Shmeckel asked, directing his attention to where Gary was sitting.

"Nope, not a thing" Gary answered.

"Then stop smiling" Mr. Shmeckel muttered. It was then that he heard running coming from out in the hallway. When the noise persisted he went to the door to investigate. He looked out into the hallway, preparing to reprimand any students he would find. Unfortunately though, this wasn't the case.

As he looked out into the hallway, a flash of green caught his eye. Then a large stick seemed to appear and smacked him on his head, causing a small amount of pain.

Mr. Shmeckel began to stumble backwards, holding his head. The students in the classroom were shocked, and didn't know how to react. Then suddenly a bright flash came from the hallway nearly blinding him, making him disoriented.

He quickly covered his face, and nearly fell backwards. The table behind him blocked his fall.

"What the-?" He muttered, rubbing his eyes violently in order to regain his sight. The class didn't know how to react, so they did what was expected, they broke into hysterics. The loudest laugh coming from Mikey-Rez, a student sitting towards the back of the room.

Mr. Shmeckel, regaining his composure, took his place in front of the classroom, acting as if the incident had never occurred.

"Ok, quiet down! Rez, do number 17 at the board."


Kat's dare completed and Adrana's evaded; the two girls ran back downstairs to the first floor bathroom, giggling.

"I can't believe we did that!" Kat said, changing out of her costume inside the stall.

"Yeah, neither can I" Adrana replied, leaning against the bathroom wall.

"Hey, could you be a sweetie and hand me my clothes." Kat asked.

"Oh yeah, sure." Adrana said, throwing the bag up and into the stall; not even realizing what she was doing.

"HEY!!" Kat yelled from the inside of the stall.

"What? What happened?" Adrana asked. The bathroom was silent except for the few "huffs" and "puffs" coming from Kat. Finally Kat opened the door dressed in her normal clothes.

"What happened?" Adrana asked again, seeing nothing wrong.

"This!" Kat squeaked turning around to show Adrana what the problem was; a large wet stain on the rear of her pants. "Now I'm going to have a wet butt for the rest of the day! And I just bought these pants!" She whined, walking over to the hand dryers to dry her pants off.

"Oh, wow I'm sorry...I wasn't really thinking." Adrana apologized, yelling over the noise of the dryer.

"Well you should be. Now I'm going to have to lean against a wall all day."

"It's not really that bad, besides you have enough time to dr-" Adrana said, cut off by the end of first period bell. "Oh man, we got to get the stuff to the guys."

"What are you talking about? I can't go out like...THIS!" Kat complained, pointing to her butt.

"Believe me, no one will even notice. Now come on." Adrana said, taking Kat by the hand.

Darren was standing outside of his classroom, located directly across from the bathrooms, talking with Willy.

"Here you go guys, everything is in the bag." Adrana said, handing the bag to Willy.

"Okay, cool." Darren said, peeking at what was inside the bag.

"We got to go now before we're late for class. See yah guys later." Adrana said turning with Kat and walking away.

"Hey did someone have a little to much excitement this morning?" Darren asked, point to Kat. Kat just squealed and hurried down the hall.