I know I am beginning to withdraw from all around me.
I spend more time inside myself than dealing with the world.
There's nothing I can do. I seem to spend too long reflecting
There's nothing you can do either, but don't worry bout me.

I think I just need a break
from the human rat race:
the cruelty and beauty
concealed behind each face.
I think I need a holiday
from this body I'm wearing.
I need a peaceful time and place.

Have you noticed how I now often ask you to repeat a sentence?
My hearing has become distorted from the norm.
I hardly ever hear the words now, just the intonations.
I've got to step back and refocus my view.

I think I just need a time
out from being alive:
a substitution briefly so
that I can revive.
I think I just need some time
to look at myself
and figure out what's wrong inside.

If I'm needed for anything I'll still be around.
Just call me, I'll give you a hand or an ear
but if the rest of the time I seem to be far away,
don't worry, I'll be back once I've figured it out.

I think I just need time
to see through my own sham:
I think I've got to knock down
mental walls and dams.
I think I've just got to
take time while I've got it
to figure out who the hell I am.