Fathers Like You

Running through your puddle of lies
you're too consumed to hear my cries
i hope you carry a guilty mind
these days a decent father is hard to find
i'm giving in to all like you
holding in my rage is all i can do
to keep from screaming and
to keep from crying
a parent's love was said to be undying
they said good things come to those who wait
but all those good things seem to come too late
i scream in my nightmares and beg to awake
all my life you have just been a fake
i'm not saying we haven't hade good times
but all those moments now feel like crimes
i have two best friends, a girl and a guy
i'm sure about their fathers too they're wondering why.
so you see, it's not just you
there are other self-minded animals out there too.
my mother, the other one you left too, has
been depressed and it's all because of the malicious things you do.
if it weren't for my mother and friends i want you to know
that it would be your fault i would have been dead a long time ago
the happiest i've felt and awhile it's been
is when i knew for a fact that you wouldn't walk in that door again...