The Plague

Alexander Michael Philip Perry

The churchbells clash
the women scream
the deaf ear hears the sound.

The healthy fall
the strong lay dead
the men see death all `round.

"The keep hath fallen!"
scream the last
the strongest of the land.

The city breached
the peasants killed
and yet the wall doth stand!

The king implores
his Christian lord
to save him from the curse

Of bleeding death
the harsh caress
of the devil's nurse.

"O, mercy God
upon my house
repel this plague from me!"

"I swear my soul
and all my lands
I will give unto thee!"

But as he kneels
before the cross
his crown now cast aside

The creeping fiend
is come upon
the ones for whom he cried.

Alas, the king
his heirs besieged
by this deadly foe

Is doomed himself
to fall before
the beast men could not slow.

As well, the castle
fast abandoned
by its loyal guard

Will soon be home
to ghosts alone
the countryside now marred