"Once Upon A Yesterday"

Time is growing short
Lives are growing painful
It was so perfect
It was so wonderful
Once upon a yesterday

I pray to God to help me
I can't do this on my own
I need someone to catch me
To let me know I'm not alone

So perfect, so brilliant
Flawless - what it is
What it was; now it's in a fight
We live - flawless is
Once upon a yesterday

So long ago, it seems
I know it can once again be
If you find it in your soul
Look at what it's doing to me

I am falling apart completely
Falling to the ground in
Shattered pieces - find what held us
Fast together - like you did, let it in
Once upon a yesterday

Always the same thing
Always it causes a fight
And now I ask - am I
The only one who sees the light?

I know I am about to fall
But I can't tell anyone
I have to keep it from you
So it can be like it was once
Once upon a yesterday

Help me, someone, anyone
I'm going to break
I feel terrible, terrible
Drowning in a hatred lake

God, let it be how it was
Let it all work out
Let the rain stop falling
Like it was, no clouds
Once upon a yesterday