"Stuck In The Middle"

I hate you.
I don't care anymore.
I've given up.
I can't stand it.

Lies. All of them are lies.
Our friendship will remain.
No matter what the reason
For your big fight,
I will find a way
To make it right.

The two of you bicker
Endlessly, it seems;
Until we're facing what
Seems like the end of it all.

I'm determined not
To let our friendship be broken.
I'm determined not
To let it slip and fall
From the top of the rainbow
Where we can do it all.

Your tears fall rapidly
As you're waiting for the other
To come to you, smile,
And say they're sorry.

You say you don't see a point
In trying to make it work.
Instead you're trying to walk away
And ignore the potential end.
And here I'm stuck in the middle
Praying it isn't really the end.