"Not So Strong"

You think I'm so strong
You think I can handle anything
What you don't know is that I cry
Wishing someone would hear me

You say I'm so great
You say you appreciate my help
But you don't realize I need help too
I'm not so strong

I wish someone could catch me
Could hold me, love me, say it's all okay
But you don't know that
And you never can be told

I'm afraid of so many things
But you don't know that
I'm breaking inside all the time
Because I'm not so strong

The thought of losing you numbs me
And if you know my weaknesses
You'll drift so far away from me
So I'll stay like this: silent and afraid

I'm not so strong
I never have been
So why do you come to me
And ask me what to do

I don't know what to say to you
When you tell me your deepest secrets
The things you hide from others
Because you're scared like me

I'm not so strong.