Lost to a Child

It is there

Beneath the shadows

It hides in a cage

Lost within the night

Can't you see it?

It's eyes

Shinning like the blood in my veins

It's mouth

Formed into a sickening smirk

It's skin

White with the glow of death

Always ready for the moment where it will strike

Cast below my prowling curtains

It stands there

The gleam of the devil within it's stare

A mere thing to play

But underneath it all

Lies a truth untold

Dark secrets

Touched with obscurity

Death comes easily

To one who shan't be weary

Of the eyes

That say it all

A/N: Do you get it? If you don't then here it is: I'm scared of all dolls in the night…they just…stare at you…like they're going to kill you in a moment…Yes I know I'm paranoid about this…but….you never do know….that's what the whole thing is about…