I stand in a doorway unknown
With mystery all around me.
Curiosity spurs me forward,
And I step into a room.

It is dark and utterly silent
With the unvoiced cries of
Dying hopes filling every
Crevice of the lonely room.

Then an even darker form
Flits across my vision.
My eyes follow its path
And I see the Shadow.

The Shadow dances slowly
Like a being from another time.
It flows in and out of the darkness
Like a floating ember in flame.

Its fluid movement catches me
In a carefully woven spell.
My mind is clear no more,
Though my heart resists.

Still the Shadow dances
To a silent tune, as old
As a time before time itself.
My heart shies away.

It is inevitable; I will lose
For the Shadow is the
Dark desires of my own
Mind, soul, body, and heart.

A wall shatters without noise,
And the subjection of my heart
Is as complete as the Shadow
Could ever desire.

My heart beats slowly,
Keeping rhythm with the Shadow
As it continues on with its
Endless dance of fate.