The Karasan are an intelligent, enhanced species of wolf who possessed magic and psionic (telepathy, telekinesis) powers. They make an appearance in several of my stories, and I am working on an entire history, etc. for them. Karasil are the humanoids that Bond with them and become part of the Pack. The Karasa are what allies of the Karasan are known as. They aren't a part of the Pack itself, but are friends.


Gather pack,
At the world's edge.
Howl our song.
Share the knowledge.

Mental lessons,
From ancient time.
Passed on forever,
Follows predestined rhyme.

Sing your Song,
May your Lifesong be sweet.
Huntmoon luck to you,
Speed to thy feet.

Coming and going,
A Cub's new Song,
And Elder's old Howl.
May it be long.

Thick pelts,
Grey, Black, or White.
Narrowed eyes,
Shine with Moonlight.

Follow the Pack,
Never turn astray.
Karasa, Karasil, Karasan,
Always will stay.

We meet in our minds,
At Elder's Rock.
Bind together,
With mental lock.

Meshing us together,
The Link of Binding.
Together we rung.
Together we Sing.

~Ancient Karasan Pack Song~