Mayoke, this poem is dedicated to you. Thanks for always being there for me.

Love, Kagetsu.


Alone in a cold cave,
Located in a lonely world
That's filled with dying hopes
There struggles a girl.

Her dull eyes look out
Into the barren land.
She searches for someone
To offer a helping hand.

Fighting to keep her dreams
She battle each day,
But each hard-won victory
Takes its toll away.

She feels herself slipping
And darkness takes over,
But a beam of light comes
And brings with it a lover.

To her, he is a warrior,
The one she was looking for.
Side by side they fought
And won that personal war.

Each day brought an
Even stronger love to her,
And she knew that she
Had to be with him forever.

They still fight life's hardships,
But to get through it all
They can rely upon each other.
Together they will not fall.


Written: 2/4/02