Chapter One - Sauri, the tomboy
Chapter Two - Sister, Mother and Father
Chapter Three - River of Blood
Chapter Four - Yaro's Dance
Chapter Five - The Western Gate
Chapter Six - Room with a View
Chapter Seven - Oracle of Youren, Kagami
Chapter Eight - Suspicions
Chapter Nine - Saron's Sword, the Summer's Eve
Chapter Ten - Eyes of Anger, Eye of Mystery
Chapter Eleven - The Prince's Insignia
Chapter Twelve - Reiji's Devious Smile
Chapter Thirteen - The Healing Process
Chapter Fourteen - A Fraction of the Truth
Chapter Fifteen - Shoufu and Karun
Chapter Sixteen - The Fate of Byakko, Turoh's Admission
Chapter Seventeen - The Shadow's Eyes
Chapter Eighteen - Flight into Byakko
Chapter Nineteen - Home
Chapter Twenty - Darkness Encroaching
Chapter Twenty-One - His Brother's Keeper
Chapter Twenty-Two - Tales of Suzaku
Chapter Twenty-Three - The Breadth of Hours