Well, this my true endnote for Fate's End.

If you have enjoyed this work, please be kind and rewind... oops... review... that's it.

And if you have had your fill of Fate's End, go on to The Faceless God, the sequel to Fate's End. All of my revising for this fic is finished for the time being and I will be focussing on The Faceless God for most of the time.

And if you enjoy my work, please do read my other fics, some finished, some not.

There is a slew of people I want to thank during this nearly year long project. But there are so many people, and some of them have changed their pen names that I will just list them as I know them....


Natalie, ardenz, Lady Hitomi, khayaaliy, Lainie-chan, Reia, liz, Kagome, bluewack, Artima Hadanna, Chevira Lowe, aznchick, aznistic, Jax, Starlight Star, Juunko, Fuyuko, alcatparis, Kame-san, Mystik-chan, Michael418, Meghanna Starsong, who cares, and those I have accidently overlooked.

These are people who have reviewed my fic, some more than once.... And I do not have the words to express my thanks for the feedback and encouragement they have given me through the year. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

The Faceless God will be updated throughout the coming year and I only hope that more people will review this fic than the last.

My eternal thanks and respect,

Moira Fate