Chapter 1-Polite society

Disclaimer: I own this entire story. From the characters to the plot. Steal and I will be a very angry Lethania.

A/N: This is something I began writing a while back. It deals with a girl stuck in a superficial world that she doesn't know how to deal with, she can't escape it either because she doesn't know how to live any other way. She then meets someone from an entirely different lifestyle, and

begins to question herself, as well as everything and everyone around her. I am not attempting to offend anyone with this story, if you are offended, I'm sorry. This story does deal with suicide and other such matters. Don't like it, don't read it.


My alarm clock sounded loudly on that dull, grey morning. It was the close to the start of my first semester of my senior year at Sequioa High School. It was also my birthday. October 2nd. It was also my birthday. The day I turn 17. Naturally, my friends would make a show out of hugging me, wishing me a happy birthday and giving me presents. Then after school, we would go shopping for a new outfit to wear to the party they would throw for me tonight. It's routine, and has been happening since the 7th grade. However, ironically, one of the things I hate the most is being put in the spotlight. Although I suppose I should be used to it by now, I'm always in it.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Aralia, Lia for short. I'm in what could be called the "popular" group. The group everyone knows exists. The pretty, perfect, bubbly group. Don't get me wrong. I hold nothing against them. You can't hate someone for being overly happy. Everyone has their good points and their bad points. I just don't suit that group. I despise the title given to me. I'm average looking. Not overwhelmingly beautiful. I'm only about 5'5" 1/2. My green eyes have a yellow tint to them and my blond hair reaches to my hips and doesn't shimmer and shine like my friends. I suppose I should be proud though. I'm the only natural blond in my group. Out of two brunettes, and five fake blonds, that's and accomplishment, and it gives me a bit of camouflage when I want to disappear.

I never get any privacy. My friends gossip non-stop. I am followed around constantly by a group of giggling girls who talk about guys and other people, and that's only when they aren't talking about themselves. My every move is exploited around the school, so I try not to say much about what I do and I try not to become to close to the other girls. When it comes to dating, I usually date for show. I am currently dating one of the dominant species of my breed. Brett. My "boyfriend." One of those traditionally cute guys you can't help but notice. Tall, with brown hair that falls in front of his eyes in a frighteningly perfect way, warm chocolate puppy dog eyes that make you believe he's a god-given creature sent to earth for women-kind to enjoy. Until he speaks. Then you want to slap him with all the force you can muster. I hate most of the male species. They stare at anything with breasts, drool running down the sides of their mouth, while their raging hormones flutter about.
The day I fulfill one of their sick desires is the day I forget all that I stand for.

The worst part about my friends is that they babble on and on about various guys, yet the one guy I consider to be even a little bit decent is one that does not meet their standards. His name is Vaughn. He is nowhere near the social status I have been given. Although, I guess he is popular in his own right. His large, ever-increasing group of friends, follow him like lost puppies, searching for a provider. Now that I think about it, his friends follow him much in the same way mine follow me. He is an, intriguing character shall we say. Black hair that falls on his forehead that he wears in a variety of ways. Changing his hair style occasionally on various days, but usually just combed and left in whatever position it may fall in. His eyes are an odd color, a mix of blue and green. All mixed into one, like the ocean. He has friendly eyes, unlike Brett. A warm, welcoming color. Only, I sense a hidden pain. Maybe it's just me though. I don't think a lot of people see it. Wither
way, Vaughn is out of my reach. He has his own group of girls.

One in particular that he hangs around with most often is Thalyola. I can see why though. The girl s absolutely gorgeous. Long, straight black hair that shines and falls to her waist, and shocking blue eyes. Her skin is pale, but healthy looking. She isn't plain like me. She attracts attention from everyone. Especially Vaughn. To be looked at the way he looks at her would be a dream come true for any girl.

I forced myself out of bed that morning. Pulling on a pair of jeans and a red shirt, I dragged myself into the bathroom and washed my face. Combing my hair and putting it into a high ponytail, I glanced at my hoard of makeup. I stared at it for a moment, then looked at myself in the mirror, I then proceeded to pick it all up, carry it into my room, open the top drawer of my dresser that contained all my hair accessories, and dumped all my makeup into it. I turned out of my room, and went down to the kitchen for breakfast.

After a quick breakfast, I brushed my teeth and jumped into my BMW convertible and headed off to school. Odd how all rich high school kids had convertibles isn't it. My parents owned a health food store. I personally think it's disgusting stuff, but that's just me. I pulled into the school parking lot, gave a loud sigh, climbed out of my car, and headed into school to meet my friends.

On the way into school, I saw Vaughn sitting on a picnic table with Thalyola in his arms. Such a perfect couple. Brett came up behind me and wrapped me in a hug. I glanced over at Vaughn and Thalyola again and saw how happy they looked. The school's resident Goth's were the most perfect couple I'd ever seen. I gave Brett my usual pasted on smile and entered the school with him, greeting my friends. I would trade my families fortune in an instant for even a taste of happiness, but some things are not easily bought.