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Chapter 9- Tell my blood to stop running cold....

As Vaughn's luck would have it, his father did not return to the house.
Aralia woke the next morning, to find a smiling Vaughn softly stroking her hair.
She thought the worst, as any innocent young lady would. Aralia threw herself
onto the floor, becoming entangled in the sheets in the process.

"Who...wha...did we..." she cried, stuttering. The girl could not finish her sentences.
A mischievous grin crossed Vaughn's face, and he decided to play a game.

"Of course we did. Do you really think I would let you sleep in my bed without getting
something in return? It was your first time right? I could tell. For someone like you,
you're lacking in the performance department." Aralia jumped up at the rude comment,
and slapped Vaughn across the face. Tears began to stream down her pale face, as she
thought of how dirty she had become, and how she had already lost the one thing that
had really belonged to her. Strange how she didn't feel any different though.

"How could you do that. You pig! I thought, I don't know what I thought." she ran out
of the room, and through the front door. Vaughn followed. Moments later, Aralia returned,
a panicked look on her face.

"Where the hell is my car!" she grabbed the front of Vaughn's shirt, pulling him closer
to her. Taking advantage of the moment, and the chance to continue his game, he kissed
her on the lips.

"I'm not too sure. Maybe it got stolen." he laughed as fear claimed her pretty face.
"I'll make breakfast, seeing as you might be here a while. How do you like your eggs?"
he walked to the kitchen, leaving an increasingly infuriated Aralia standing in his front
hallway, tears streaming from her shimmering eyes. Vaughn began pulling out frying pans
and opened the fridge door.

"I forgot. We don't have any eggs." he replaced the frying pan, and began opening cupboard
doors. Spotting a yellow cereal box, he pulled it out.
"Look! We have Crunchie cereal! It has chocolate bar in it." he stated as if it was the
greatest thing in the world. Aralia sniffed. Vaughn pulled out bowls and spoons, and set
them on the table. He poured a bowl of cereal for both himself and Aralia, and went to
fetch the milk from the refrigerator, but noticed the look of disgust on her face. He
immediately tired of his game, and sighed.

"You really think we did something last night don't you." he waited for a reply, but none
came, so he continued. "Well we didn't. I'm not that type of guy anyway. What am I talking
about of course I am! Well either way, I wouldn't do that to you. Someone else maybe, but
not you. Especially not when you're in the condition you were in last night! I mean wow.
I've never seen anyone look that bad!" relief and memories washed over Aralia at once. She
remembered her brother and felt regret, remembered Vaughn and felt a new sense of respect
for him, then she remembered her car.

"My car! Where is it!" she screamed. Vaughn cringed.

"It's in the garage. I figured you wouldn't want to lose that piece of work, so I put it
in there for you. I shouldn't have though. I told you not to be driving that down here, anyway,
are you gonna eat?" he held up the bowl of cereal, and Aralia smiled. She crossed the room over
to the table and sat down, slowly eating the cereal. Vaughn grinned as he shoveled it away. He
did so love that cereal. Aralia giggled as she watched his joy in the consumption of cereal.

One of Vaughn's followers chose that moment to come crashing through the front door.
Apparently trouble had been started by a certain raven haired beauty.

"Vaughn, I don't know what you did, but Thalyola is out for blood!" he cried out, before he
noticed Aralia. Upon sight of her, he blushed. "Sorry, didn't know. I'll be going now." Vaughn
stood up.

"It's ok Andrei. It's not what you think. We were just eating cereal, you want some? You need
to explain about Thalyola anyway, considering you just came flying in here." Vaughn ushered
Andrei inside.

"Well she just came over last night, and started bitchin about how you didn't "love" her and
all that bullshit. Honestly, she's a bit of a dumbass. You, love. Those two words should not
be used in the same sentence. Anyway, don't tell her I said that. I wouldn't want her on my
ass. At least not in that way. Why is miss teen queen here?" he looked at Aralia. She looked
down at her empty cereal bowl. Vaughn ignored the question of her presence in his place of
residence, and directed his attention at her.

"You want some more?" Aralia looked at him and shook her head.

"I need to go. I just left Fabian. We have things to discuss." she said with a finality that
stated she would say no more. Vaughn nodded.

"Sure thing." Vaughn rose and left the room, heading down the hall to his room. Aralia sat in
silence, while Andrei stared at her. Vaughn returned and tossed her her car keys. Thanking him,
she went out to her car and drove off.

Arriving at her house, she entered to find Cecilia panicked and rushing around the house.
Spotting Aralia coming in the door, Cecilia rushed forward and threw her arms around her. In
return, Aralia wrapped her arms around the elderly ladies short, round body.

"I'm so happy you have returned little miss! We were so worried! Master Fabian was prepared to
chase after you, but I said 'No master, you must stay.' and he did. He sleeps now. He needs rest.
As do you. Up you go!" Cecilia ushered Aralia towards the stairs. Aralia obeyed and continued on
to her room.

Aralia didn't see Fabian at all that weekend. He went out shopping Sunday, and Aralia
had no chance to see him. Finally, Monday rolled around, and Aralia prepared herself for another
grueling week. Hannah however, was unprepared for what would happen.

Hannah had to stay late Monday after school, and Aralia was working on the school play,
Guys and Dolls. Gabriel was in the photo lab, developing photos of a blond girl, a longing look
on his face. Vaughn lay on a picnic table reading a vampire books, waiting for his unlikely

Hannah sat in an empty classroom, finishing up a sewing project. Outside, Gabriel joined
Vaughn, and they began to head into the school. The door opened and Hannah looked up to see her
biology teacher, Mr.Jones, enter the room.

"Why, you're still here! You're such a hard worker Hannah. You're all tense!" he walked up behind
her and began to massage her shoulders. Hannah shook with fear.

"What's this you're working on? Sewing? You'll be a good mother some day. I like that in people."
he began to slide his hands down her shirt. Tears began to fall from her eyes.

"What are you doing?" a new male voice cried out. Gabriel stood in the doorway, shock written on
his face. Vaughn began to advance on the teacher, who backed away. Aralia peered over Gabriel's
shoulder in disgust. She rushed into the room and grabbed Hannah.

"Why are you here young man? Shouldn't you be out with your gutter friends smoking up?" the teacher
growled, but stormed out of the room. The teenagers stared at his retreating back in disbelief.
Hannah broke down into sobs, and Aralia pulled her into a hug. The teens stood up and rushed out of
the classroom, into Aralia's waiting car.

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