The Legend of Lyte

Lyte was the first Unicorn ever. Some say a bright Angel came down from the sky and made him swift and cool as the flowing wind; his pearly horn a flash against the night sky like lightning; his eyes silver like the stars; his coat, mane, and the long hairs on his chin, fetlocks and tail bright, silvery-white as new-fallen snow.

Flinty hooves carried him swiftly across mountain, plain and forest, exploring, questing, ever learning about his world and the creatures in it.

In him was light, the power of love, beauty, communion, acceptance, and joy. Lyte sang the song of the stars, spoke with trees, walked and flew with all animals and birds, played in the sea with dolphins and whales. In his essence, his spirit, was the power to become all creatures, and Lyte was all of them: mind, body and soul as one.

Lyte's serenity was his downfall. He was good, purely good, and could not understand evil, a lust for power. Griffins and greedy dragons envied Lyte's beauty and his ability to change. The bolder Griffins, believing his horn was the source of the Unicorn's power, plotted to take it from him. Lyte's friends the squirrels, who are terrible gossips at best, overheard the plans to murder Lyte and chattered them to every creature within hearing, and sooner than you might think word got to Lyte. He was terribly saddened this, the thought that anyone would kill for power over another.

Lyte ran from the mountains where the Griffins were and eventually came to what is now the Crystal Lake region. There he found Starr. Her love lifted him out of the deep depression that had come over him. She was a winged filly, just as bright as Lyte, but the sun and moon turned her coat all the colors in Unicorns that we see today: from bright white, golden yellow, light to dark chestnut and bay in the sunlight to blue-gray, jet black and silver in the moonlight. Lyte forgot about the Evil that had been attempted.

Lyte and Starr's happiness that spring couldn't last. In the winter the ones with Darkness in their hearts came after Lyte again. They would attack in small groups, and Lyte and Starr somehow managed to drive them away without harming them. But always they would be back. After what seemed like an eternity of fighting, running, resting, and fighting again, Starr could not stand it any longer.

In the middle of a 'battle', she threw herself down on her knees and called out to all of the Universe:

"Let them take me if it will end all this!"

A Griffin waiting off to the side saw her vulnerable and, mistaking her for Lyte in the sun, began flying madly toward her.

Lyte saw what was about to happen and, regardless of himself, also madly dashed to put himself between Starr and the Griffin.

The two arrived in the same moment. With one great leap, Lyte landed directly in the Griffin's path. The impact was bitter. The Griffin sank his cruel beak into Lyte's neck, and lion's claws crippled his hindquarters. Lyte dropped like a stone. Starr shrilled in horror and, not thinking, ran the Griffin through with her sharp horn. He released Lyte from the death hold he had had on the Unicorn and flop-rolled off him. The rest of the Griffins flew off in confusion.

Starr knelt by Lyte's still-but-breathing form and wept. She wept for Lyte, for the horrible Griffin, because she had killed; and for a very small reason that she had kept secret for too long.

Lyte said to her, "Take my horn, and take it somewhere that they can't find it. Don't let them use it against those on the side of Love."

"Oh, Lyte, Lyte!" cried Starr, "I carry our Light within me!"

"Starr-Lyte!" Lyte's silver eyes smiled and shone more brightly than ever, and went out.

This tale does not tell how Starr got Lyte's horn from his head. However, she took it in her mouth and carried it across the Lower Crystal River to somewhere hidden, secret, and safe.

Starrlight was born a season later. She was winged like her mother and bright golden-red as the morning sun. Starr taught her everything she knew about life, and the difference between Light and Dark. Starr taught 'Light that she must never kill.

When 'Light was ready, Starr left encrypted directions on how to find Lyte's horn, should there ever be a need by Unicorns, and went off to be one with the world.

Starr died at a very old age in the mountains whose runoff feeds Iris Lake and the rivers that drain it. Some say her body gave the grass of that area its silver sheen.

In the time that her mother was gone, Starrlight realized that she was to be the last of her kind if she did not do something. With help form the stars and advice from the wind, Starrlight and all those on the side of goodness made a magic that created many, many Unicorns. Each one was unique.

These Unicorns developed over time into herd-oriented groups that each had their own territory. Each herd was headed by a single stallion that protected many mares and foals. While stallions fought for leadership of a herd, they never killed one another in battle. The loser either went on his own or stayed in the herd, loyal to the new leader.

Starrlight bore foals. Lyte's bloodline carries on today and his spirit will always be there to aid Unicorns in a time of Darkness.